Why Bongs Have Become Ultimate Gadget for Cannabis Smokers

Due to the continuing legalization of cannabis, a new industry is emerging with new services and new equipment. The truth is, the weed world has pretty much exploded. The UN, in its World Drug Report, estimates that there are about 166 million users of cannabis, and the country with the largest number of users are in the United States. It certainly isn’t the cannabis that was trumpeted in the 60s, and novice users are learning how you consume cannabis really makes a difference.

Yes, Consumption Makes A Difference

Decades ago, everyone burned it, and many still do today. Burning it in a joint or blunt gets you high within three minutes and you peak at about 15 minutes, but it can irritate the respiratory lining, making it rough on the lungs. Thus, many choose the edibles and there’s a different metabolic approach when you eat cannabis. The drug must filter through the liver first, and this takes more time for the THC to kick-in. The high peaks after about three hours. The current favorite is now using bongs to get a more concentrated THC quickly, without any irritants.

Cannabis connoisseurs say consumption by water bong is much more efficient than other forms of consumption, and secondly, there is a better airflow. This is a method where users heat the glands of the plant which releases the THC, without burning the plant up. The high is a bit delayed — like 10 minutes — but you cough less and avoid wheezing. Smokers use various equipment, like those found at ThickAssGlass, and the advantage, of course, is that this particular type of glassware is not fragile, as the name suggests.

When cannabis is smoked, between 15 and 50% of the THC passes into the blood and the effect lasts between 45 minutes and 2 hours. By using the bong technique users have a maximum effect by filtering the smoke, which actually multiplies the quantity of air and THC inhaled. This also causes the smoke to penetrate deeper into the lungs.

At times, smokers also choose a vaporizer to consume cannabis. This is a device that heats dried cannabis herbs until they are so hot that their (medicinal) active ingredients are released into drum by aromatic steam. But in the case of a water pipe or bong, the smoke is filtered through a layer of water, which provides more THC.

Why Is Legalization Popular Now?

You’ve heard the phrase; if you can’t beat em, join em? Legislators have finally figured out repression of cannabis does not work. The war on drugs launched by President Regan in the 1970s didn’t work and was pretty much a total failure. If anything, arrests doubled, then quadrupled, and taxpayers were the ones who paid the price. According to studies, legalization is better for public finances.

Today, smokers have access to a medicinal plant that is an expression of centuries of ingenuity and good taste. The unique attributes of cannabis, like origin and quality can be upgraded by the ultimate gadgets and accessories that have changed the landscape of good pot.

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