Top Wedding Gift Giving Rules

Whenever you’re invited to a wedding as a guest, you will be tasked with the decision of what to give as a gift. You might spends days pondering jewellery, silver frames, pewter cups, dinnerware sets and so on. To help you, here are the top rules for selecting and giving the perfect wedding gift that the couple is sure to love.

Registry Buying

About 85% of brides will want you to pick something from their wedding registry list and roughly 98% of them will have at least one of the registry lists for you to choose from, either online or in a store.

Take some time to look online so that you can see where the couple is registered. Four out of every ten couples will have a wedding website linking to an online registry. Most retailers will make the shopping even more convenient by allowing their guests to shop from the registries online, or you can also opt to head to a store to buy the wedding gift in person. Never fall victim to getting the couple a gift that they may not like as they set up their gift registry for a reason.

Bed, Bath and Kitchen Gifts Are a Must

The couples of today are looking for more modern twists on the traditional wedding gift, which still may come from the departments like bedding, dining, kitchen and bath.

If you want to be able to go deluxe with the bedding and bath, think about giving gifts that are spa-like, offering a hotel style environment each morning as they wake up. Try to buy a trio of gifts that will make a theme, such as a super soft set of pillows, a pair of high thread count towels and a thick, soft down blanket.

When it comes to entertaining, an everyday affair will be a big deal for a newlywed. Think about giving a set of stainless flatware and a set of dishes that are good for multitasking that can either be dressed down for a backyard BBQ or dressed up for dinner with the boss.

Everyone likes to be a gourmand today, with many couples using the wedding as a way to fill up their kitchen with some great, higher end appliance. Think about state of the art kitchen gadgets, gear and cookware that will look great on display and also handy in the kitchen.

Never Spend Less Than £50

It is often a bad idea to use the measurement of the price per plate as how much you should be spending on a wedding gift. You are not going to give your best friend something that is less expensive simply because she hosts a wedding that is more casual than most. You should be spending what you think is appropriate for the relationship that you have with the couple. Consider what will be reasonable in your city as well. You may have a coworker that will expect a gift that costs between £50 to £75, yet someone who is in an urban market could have expectations that are double that. This is the price range that you should be aiming for:

Distant family friend or relative, and/or coworker – £50 to £75
Friend or relative – £75 to £100
Close friend or relative – £100 to £150
Urbanite – £150 to £200

Think of a Big Group Gift

A recent survey asked married couples about their favourite gifts where most said that they enjoyed getting big ticket items that were given by a group of friends. These are generally items that they may not have been able to afford all on their own. If you find the couple has registered for something that would be out of the range for just one person to buy, you can ask some of the other guests to go in on the gift with you. It can also be a good idea for the bridal party to get together for buying the couple something they are dreaming of.

Two Months Approach

There is little excuse for delays when you look at the convenience of online purchasing and shipping. Try to think about sending your gift within about two months of the wedding. While you are excited for them to see it, avoid bringing it to the wedding so that the couple will not have to lug it home. Have the item shipped right out to them, which will make it easier for everyone involved.

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