Large Refrigeration Hire and Walk-In Freezer Opportunities

Are you the manager or owner of a:

  • Café.
  • Wedding venue.
  • Community centre.
  • Gallery/exhibition centre.
  • Country home.
  • Residential property.
  • Food fair exhibitor.
  • County or country show vendor.

Do you have enough fridge and freezer capacity to cope with additional stock for an event or increased levels of business, for a day located in the middle of a field serving refreshments and sufficient space to prepare food whilst fully adhering to legislation?

  • Even the milk for coffee and tea needs to be housed in a fridge, so if you’re expecting 200-300 people to attend an event, how do you intend to store the umpteen pints of milk?
  • How many burgers are destined for the school fete’s barbeque and where are they going to be safely stored?

In food outlets, staff and management should already be aware of the ways to diminish cross contamination and where to store stock in a fridge for maximum lifespan and quality. When demand escalates this is not a legitimate excuse to break any of the rules. Additional fridge and walk in freezer facilities increase safe operations and consumer wellbeing.

Cold rooms, walk in freezer rooms and their trailer counterparts from leading service providers are competitively priced, hygienic and meet legal requirements. Secure facilities are supplied in full working order and the staff should be happy to answer any questions, explain how the unit operates and reposition shelves as required.

Don’t feel that a query is silly or that you’re taking someone’s valuable time, when a professional and reputable firm like Icecool Trailers hires out facilities they want peace of mind to be paramount. They’re approachable experts who strive to make your experience positive.

Walk in freezer rooms and cold rooms can be used indoors or outside and they are assembled on site so for interior use there’s no need to worry about getting the unit through the door.

Large refrigeration hire for external use is frequently of walk in freezer and fridge trailers. They are powered via mains or generator; flexibility and ease of use are welcome attributes. Units may be adjacent to a kitchen, marquee, in a car park, a barn or outbuilding. The choice is yours.

  • The hire firm delivers and collects the hygienic, maintained units. They set them up and down-power them.
  • All emergency and pre-booked walk in freezers and large refrigeration hire units meet legislation.
  • Facilities can be worked in.
  • Refrigeration and freezer units can be positioned exactly where they are required on site and always look professional.
  • Units are available in different sizes and capacities.
  • Cold rooms, walk in freezers and trailers are lockable and the keys are left with clients.
  • Hire facilities are insured. Stock placed in them will necessitate another insurance policy which it is the client’s responsibility to obtain.
  • Hire periods can be for any duration and are easily extendable.
  • Emergency hire services are available 24/7 from the best firms.

Don’t struggle with capacity or meeting legislation. Cost effective hire solutions are intended to maximise safety.

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