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One of the American magazines that has the biggest circulation among the US gay-publications, has interviewed its readers and worked up a rating of cities frequented by gays. The most attracting city for gay-tourism turned out to be Amsterdam, then goes Barcelona.

More about Gay Travellers around the world

Amsterdam, the favorite city of the magazine readers stands out by its open-armed welcome for all the minorities. The museum of handbags and purses is mentioned among other reasons of love towards this city.

The reasons why gays love Barcelona are its atmosphere of freedom, which appeared after the adoption of same-sex marriage law, proximity to resort town Sites, Antonio Gaudi art, and Barcelona LGBT festival (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual festival).

London is ranked third in the preferences of the tourists with non-conventional sexual orientation, mostly because of its two hundred gay-bars.

After the trinity of front-leaders go New York, San Francisco and Chicago. The marketing director of one of the¬†hotel networks¬†Tess Oriol has drawn the typical portrait of a gay-tourist: “He is a well-mannered urban traveller, who travels a lot and spends in his trips more money than the others.”

The world becomes more and more tolerant to the sexual minorities. The post-soviet countries that didn’t even know how is it – to love the same gender – are changing their hostility that they exposed at the beginning to tolerance and all the other countries of the New- and Old World have it already in the culture. Although the homosexual relationship has already a very long history starting from the ancient times.

So, does the tolerance of the world is bouncing back and with the same the people too, as they are becoming open minded. Do have accept them as other couples only and allow them to live their life like others.

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