Finding God in Modern Day – Pastor TB Joshua Reveals the Secret

Many ages ago Jesus said that the ‘Kingdom of God is within us’. It has been said that when the heart is pure, one does not need to look elsewhere to find God. The devotee will find the divine power within if they look close. Taking this preaching further, TB Joshua, a pastor for many years, offers teaching to the church goers. He says that in this age when nothing but misery prevails, one needs to surrender to God for ultimate happiness and peace. However, how can one completely surrender to God and find the peace within is a question that Pastor Joshua tries to offer an answer of. He has offered guidance for a long time and led people to the path of God.

The fact which makes human life an intolerable feat is the quest for happiness. Everyone wants to be happy. This is the only emotion or state of mind that people seek. No one wants to be sad and that creates the problem. Life is a fusion of both happiness and sadness. This is what people fail to accept. The quest for only happiness finally tires them because only happiness like light does not exist. Human life needs darkness too. This is what no one understands or tries to understand. The moment happiness ends in sorrow, they become detached to God. However, it is important to stay connected to God when sorrow is knocking on the door.

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TB Joshua helps people find God through counseling and guidance. He has seen a lot of people turning away from God when life becomes complicated. He has seen a lot of people walk away from God when life stops moving. This detachment is common, says Joshua. Everyone goes through the period of sadness and detachment. Everyone loses God at one point of time in life. When this happens getting back becomes the most difficult thing. In such a situation, everyone needs the guidance of an expert. Someone who knows how to get back the connection with God will be able to help you.

Now, TB Joshua says that visiting Church will help you stay at least connected to the essence of God when you are going through troublesome period. During his practice as a pastor, Joshua has tried to help a lot of people in his life. While some may not have gotten immediate relief from the guidance, there are people who through prolonged guidance and support have found peace of mind.

De-cluttering the mind is an important thing to do when going is getting too tough. TB Joshua has helped people meditate to find the peace that they require. You can have a talk to someone who has helped people find God in the misery. However, make sure to do some research and find out how many years of experience the pastor have. Everyone cannot be a spiritual guru even with vast years of experience. You need to find that whether the man has helped others to find peace and happiness or not. Based on this only you need to make your decision.

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