Don’t Let Tired Tires Ruin Your Trip

Tires are an integral part of the automobile, we’d go nowhere without them.  We rely on their strength and durability to take us around for thousands of miles and lament when its time to buy more.  Unless you’ve been dedicated to a brand for decades, it’s always good to check out what current in the marketplace so that you don’t bypass up the latest technology or innovations in the name of brand loyalty.

Tires are not something that should be taken for granted or overlooked.  They should be one of the first things we check before driving off on an extended vacation.  Buying tires has become easier because Groupon has teamed up with  Tire Buyer to offer exceptional deals on their service.  Tire Buyer has a network of tire installers nationwide so when you need service, you can rely on them to offer a wide selection of tires for all types of vehicles.  And you can be sure they will be installed properly as well as balanced and inflated.  Getting tires from Tire Buyer couldn’t be easier.  You go online and order the tires or wheels you need.  They are shipped to the nearest installer, and you make an appointment to go in and have them put on your car, or, you can have them delivered to you and you put them on.

They offer enough information online about tire buying and maintenance to fill a summer course, but you don’t have to sign up for school to take advantage of what they know.  Just go to Groupon and select a deal that fits your needs and apply it to your purchase.  Once their installers get your order in, you show up, get your tires and off you go.  They offer name brands tires like Continental, Bridgestone, Firestone, Goodyear, General Tire, Nitto, Fuzion, Mickey Thompson and will help you pick out the ones that best fit your vehicle.  They also stock tires for golf carts, lawn equipment, and trailers.  Customers appreciate their installation guarantees.  They guarantee the right fit or they’ll make it right.  And they always ship the tires free to your installer.

When you factor in the saving you get using a Groupon, it gets even better. You can save 7% off any tire or $80 off a set of 4.  They have lots of deals that you can use right from your smart phone and you don’t have to join or subscribe to anything.

So before your head off on that cross country trip that’s been on your bucket list for decades, shop Tire Buyer through Groupon.  Get the latest information, easy installation and guaranteed best price.

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