Bongs vs. Pipes – Which One is Better?

Every once in a while there is a heated debate among smokers when it comes to the best device for smoking: bongs or pipes. There are differences between these two types of devices and each one has different approaches when it comes to smoking. Whether you are looking for simple glass pipe or a luxury bong, it is important to distinguish the differences between a bong and a pipe and then figure out which one is best suited for you based on your own lifestyle and needs.

What Are the Differences?

Most smoking pipes come as a classic glass pipe and they are often referred to as a bowl. They come in a range of sizes but most of them are just a few inches long; however, they can range up to several feet long. There are some pipes like the old wooden or corncob pipes, but glass pipes are more commonly used today.

bong is much bigger than a pipe, has more features, and has a more complex bowl. This type of device comes with a hollow spherical base that is filled with water. Bongs can range from 6 inches to several feet long. These devices both consume more substance and deliver a lot more smoke than pipes.

Smoking Experience

Pipes deliver a harsher smoking experience than when smoking from a bong. There is usually more coughing and irritation with the pipe because it is a more direct pathway from the burning substance to the user’s throat and lungs. Common methods to block harsh substances from a pipe is to install a pipe screen and air filter, but it often requires high maintenance.

A bong provides a better smoking experience compared to pipes since the smoke is both smoother and cooler. There is also less irritation and coughing because the smoke is filtered through the bong water as it is inhaled. A smoother smoke also allows more hits to be taken per session. There is also new technology developing in the bong manufacturing industry to make smoking sessions more enjoyable and therapeutic for users.


Pipes and bowls vary in pricing depending on the quality. There are many features that come with pipes such as signature brand names and even glow-in-the-dark designs, but you can usually find one that will vary in price ranging from $10-$100.

Bongs also have different price ranges but when you compare them to pipes, there are some bongs that have price tags in the thousands of dollars. However, you can find low-quality bongs for as low as $15. You should consider these types of devices as more of an investment or collector’s item. The amount of money that you spend on one will depend on your lifestyle and how you prefer to smoke.

Portability and Stealth

Some people like to smoke on the go and carrying a bong around is not the most convenient way. A pipe is a winner whenever you are going anywhere to include road trips, hiking, or camping. A pipe is much smaller than a bong so it is also the best when it comes to stealth. It is much easier to hide a pipe than a bulky or heavy bong.

Make Your Next Smoke Session Enjoyable

Making your smoke session enjoyable is easy whether you need a pipe or a bong. To check out some of the latest bong and pipe designs, visit and check out their wide range of bongs and pipes.

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